Shupaca Alpaca Throw Blanket Reversible - Ether

  • $145.00

Energetic colors in muted shades is a great way to add color into a home without overwhelming the space. The Ether reversible alpaca throw blanket features soft shades of blue, green, and grey. The colors are subdued and restrained, creating an effortlessly elegant and sophisticated home accessory.  Place it on your favorite couch or armchair not just as a decorative element, but so your loved ones will always be ready to relax by the fire or while reading a book. Made of our signature blend of alpaca fiber, they’ll be enveloped in exquisite warmth and softness. This alpaca blanket will gift you with superb warmth and insulation.

Material: 35% Baby Alpaca / 35% Super Fine Alpaca / 30% Acrylic

Size: 50"x70"